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WhatsApp Payment- How To Pay Using WhatsApp Payment

WhatsApp Payments Newly launched feature is based on UPI which is already live for some users in the beta version.
If you also have queries Regarding How to add banks to WhatsApp Payments? How to send and receive money using WhatsApp Payments?
Then proceed further & get the detailed  feature in detail.

What is WhatsApp Payments?

This is the peer-to-peer payment option. Hence, you can’t use this for merchant payments. As I said above, it is UPI based platform. The money will be directly credited to recipient’s bank account.

Also, as you are sending money to WhatsApp user who has linked his phone number with the bank account and UPI, there is no need to enter the VPA (Virtual Payments Address) or bank account number or IFSC code.

Who can use WhatsApp Payments?

• You must have WhatsApp app on your phone.

• Both sender and receiver should be running the latest WhatsApp version as well as have WhatsApp Payments option enabled.

• WhatsApp number should be same as your mobile number linked to your bank account with UPI option support as well.

Unable to find WhatsApp Payments Option- How to get it?

As this is the newly added feature and also in its beta version, many of us may not find this payment option in our mobile. However, you no need to worry about this.

If your Whatsapp is not enabled for payments, you can WhatsApp a request to 8271934264 to get WhatsApp Payment invite, or click this link: and wait for an hour.

How to link Bank Account to WhatsApp Payments?

• Open WhatsApp.
• Tap on three dots on the top right corner.
• Tap on settingsYou will see the option “Payments” just below notification and tap on that.
• On the next screen tap on “ACCEPT AND CONTINUE”.
• This will ask you to verify your mobile number using SMS, tap on “VERIFY VIA SMS”.
• App will send you an SMS and use the same and complete the verification process.
• Now you will see a list of all UPI supported banks. The format is usually the bank name and the last four digits of your bank account.If you have multiple accounts within the same bank, it will show multiple options. Pick the one you want to link to the app. Select your bank.
• App will fetch details and show your bank account number.
• After this, you will see the message saying setup complete.

WhatsApp Payments – How to send and receive money?

The best feature of WhatsApp Payments is that you can send money to your friends using individual chats, or you can send money to your friends in a group too. The process to send the money is explained as below.

WhatsApp Payments- How to send money?

• Open individual chat (to whom you want to send money).
• Tap on the “Clip” icon and there you will find the option “Payment”.
• Just click on this payment option.
• If the receiver has latest WhatsApp version and bank account configured, you can enter the amount followed by a note (a message) and tap on the send button.
• It will ask you to enter 4 digits UPI pin.
• Once you enter and authenticate then the money will be sent.
• You will also get the details of the transaction from your bank as an SMS.

The process to send the money in a group is also same like above. You just have to select a person in a group to whom you want to send the money.

Once the transaction is complete, WhatsApp will notify the user about the money sent to a contact. You can also keep a track of Payments from within the WhatsApp, by using the Payment history option.

WhatsApp Payments – How to receive money?

Whenever someone sends you money, WhatsApp will send you a message. You may check the bank details for your confirmation of money received.

Note that as of now this option is available to few users. Because WhatsApp is still testing the features in the back-end. However, you can check the Payments option in WhatsApp. But it is surely rolled out to all users within few days. Let us wait and watch 🙂

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