Sunday, 18 February 2018

Expired= Amulyam- Get free Rs.50 Recharge Per Account in 2 Second.

Free Recharge Tricks, Trick To Get Recharge of Rs.50 free in Just 2 Seconds. 

Free Recharge Offer: Get Free Recharge of Rs.50 in 2 Seconds- Hope You are Enjoying our free Recharge Tricks as well Free Paytm Recharge offer. Now its Time to Loot Free Recharge of Rs.50 per Account in Just 2 Seconds.

More Numbers you have, More You can Loot..
eg. If You have 10 Mobile Numbers, You will free Recharge of 10×50= 500Rs. Totally free.

How To Get free Recharge of Rs. 50 Per Account ?

Login/signup to your account. [Login/Signup]

Go to this link on same browser [Click Here]

it will take you to survey page just fill 1st page anything > click on next > now here is the thing open address bar there u see session id = (copy this)
(doesnt matter if u fail in completing or pass to 2nd page)

Now put that id here in place of ? in below link then load page u will get Rs.50

Now Recharge Your Number by Paying through Wallet, Which you got in Previous Step. Also repeat with other amulyam account and continue looting

Boom!! You will Receive Recharge of Rs.50 Instantly..

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