Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Paytm UPI offer - Get ₹350 paytm cashback by making upi transcation from Paytm

Paytm upi offer paytm has now again come across a new offer and they are offering  ₹350 Paytm cash by just making UPI transactions. Get ₹350 Cashback on Send Money transaction via @Paytm UPi Handle to @Paytm . Get Flat  ₹10 Cashback on transaction of ₹100 or more using @Paytm UPI to @Paytm UPI address . This Offer is valid for 5 Times per day.
This offer is valid from 5pm 6th December to 10th December 2017. Maximum cashback is ₹350per user in the offer period.

How to get  ₹350 Cashback on UPI Transaction from Paytm :-

1)  First download the paytm app| CLICK HERE
2)  Now Install & Open the Paytm App.
3) Now Login/Sign up  to your Paytm account that is linked with bank account.
4) Now in the  HomePage Click on “BHIM UPI” icon and Your Paytm registered mobile number should be same as bank linked number.

5) Paytm will send a SMS from your Mobile number to verify your Bank.
6) Now a UPI address will be generate like yourmobilenumber@Paytm or Youcan create as your wish.
7) Click on send and do a transaction of ₹100 or more from your paytm to any of your friends with  @Paytm address
 8 ) The recepient you sents also should be a paytm BHIM user means his address should be @Paytm 
 {If you are not having friends with @Paytm enabled you can send us toprashanthanumula@Paytm we will resend your money.We will resend your money after verifying the details You can whatsapp us at 7337409897 }
9)Finally , You will get the ₹10 Cashback within 48 hours. You can avail this Offer upto 5 Times per day.
 10To earn ₹350, you have to send ₹100 to 35 unique @paytm UPI address for next 7 days.
Read all terms and conditons 

Terms & Conditions of Paytm UPI offer:-

1)Offer starts at 5pm on 6th December.
2) Offer valid till 10th December 11:59pm.
3) Send money to your friends on their @paytm UPI Address and get Rs 10 cash back 5 times every day.
4) You can get cash back 5 times every day till the offer is open.
5) You will be eligible to cash back if you fulfill these conditions:
6) Send more than Rs 100 using UPI Send money to only @paytm UPI address.
7) UPI address created with other app are not eligible for this offer
8) Each time send money to a unique @paytm UPI address to be eligible for cash back
9) To earn Rs 350, you have to send Rs 100 to 35 unique @paytm UPI address for next 7 days.
10) There is no promo code required. Eligible users will get cash back automatically.
11) You will not get cash back on sending the money back to the UPI address you received it from. Only the first sender is eligible
12) Cash back will be processed within 48 hours. You will get cash back in your Paytm Wallet.


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