Friday, 21 July 2017

Jio Phone free, Launched by Mukesh Ambani, On deposit of Rs.1500 refundable.

Jio Phone free, Launched by Mukesh Ambani, On deposit of Rs.1500 refundable

Hello Friends! ! Here is good news for All the Non - Jio users, who thinking to use jio sim but they are not in the condition to purchase a smartphone. Today on the Reliance AGM, Sir Mukesh Ambani announced that Jio is Launching its basics phone free which is effective price. So this is the very happy moment for all the Non-jio and Jio Users. For this you have to pay the Rs.1500 which is refundable. After three years you can return this mobile and you can get Rs.1500 which you paid at the time of purchase.

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And plan is of Rs.153 per month in which you will get Unlimited Voice call, SMS and, Unlimited data alon with Jio Apps. And if you want to use these along with TV then you have to pay Rs.309 in which you will get free data, SMS, voice call and you can connect your CRT TV with your mobile with cable.

Apart from that, Jio will also have two more packs, at Rs. 24 for two days, or Rs. 54 per week, for users who don't want to pay Rs. 153 as an uncomfort payment.
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When We can Buy Jio Phone? ? 😀😀

From 15th of August jio basic phone available in Beta Version for testing. And from 24th of August, Pre-Booking will Start. And Users who pre-Booked can buy Jio Phone from September.

How To Buy Jio Phone ?

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  1. Many many thanks to Mukesh Ambani

  2. Lastly, fixed deposits offer investors a relatively safe avenue for parking their funds, albeit at the risk of earning a slightly lower return on investment.