Sunday, 11 October 2015

Rs.50 unlimited Recharge from Paytm -Expired

Paytm Free Recharge Trick:
Get Unlimited Recharges of Rs. 50
Paytm Unlimited Free Recharge/Paytm Cash Trick - Spend Rs. 50 only in your Paytm account for recharge and get complete cash back of Rs. 50. Transfer it to your another account with Paytm wallet app and recharge and get cash back again. This trick will require a certain coupon which can only be used by new Paytm users.
Steps to follow:-
1. Download Paytm app and register yourself in it.
2. Make a recharge of Rs 50 by applying this Promocode : - NEW50
. [You will get 100% cashback within 1 hour]
3. After successful recharge Rs. 50 Paytm cash will be credited in your Paytm wallet.
4. Create another new account on Paytm and transfer that Rs 50 cash back to this newly made account.   
[Use New Paytm Wallet app for transferring Paytm Cash from one account to another without OTP]
5. Make recharge of Rs 50 again on this new account by using the above promocode and you will get complete cashback again.
6. Repeat the steps for making new accounts and transferring Paytm cash and keep getting Rs. 50 recharges.
This trick will only work for Paytm unregistered numbers. The sense of "unlimited trick" here depends on the number of sims & email id you possess.
[Many unregistered Paytm number you have Many you earn]

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