Saturday, 11 February 2017

mCent Trick To Bypass Data Usage Credit #Expired

mCent, is one of the best app to earn Free Recharge, because of its genuine-ness and high amount of referral money.
follow below given steps to Bypass Data usage credit and get more free recharge without using any data.
{as like gigato looting trick}
Note : This trick is only for Rooted devices &  it will not work  in Normal devices.
Steps To Follow :
* If not using mCent then Download it from Here .
In mCent, you guys might observed that most of the apps like Amazon, Saavn has more rewards by using data. That means, more data you use, more you earn. So this trick is to Bypass that data usage credit without using your phone's data.
1. Firstly, you need CheatDroid app, so download it  .
2. Open CheatDroid App, scroll down & open mCent in it.
3. In mCent file of CheatDroid, scroll down and locate apk_engagemnt.db.
4. Once you open apk_engagement.db file, you can see one more apk_engagement box in next page, just click on it.
5. From apk_engagement box, scroll down any app to increase data size like Amazon or Saavn.
6. Finally change the values of data according to data requirement.
7. Booom !! Finally wait for data usage notification.
Enjoy this superb trick using CheatDroid.
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