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Balance transfer trick for all sims.

Mobile balance transfer service is one of the very important services that telecom operators have started providing to their users. Using this service, your friend can easily transfer any amount of balance out of his phone’s main balance to your cellphone if you urgently need to have balance in your cellphone and there is not any resource available to recharge your mobile balance.
The service is  very comfortable and required hardly 3 to 4 steps to transfer balance. Although not all mobile operators are providing the service but popular Indian telecom operators such as AirTel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, TATA DoCoMo, Reliance and Uninor have started providing this great service to their customers.
Follow steps to transfer mobile balance to your friend.:-

AirTel Balance Transfer:
Dial *141#
A menu will pop-up on your cellphone.
Choose the 1st option i.e., Share Talk Time. Type 1 and press Send.
Type balance amount and mobile number.
You’re done.
Conditions: Amount of Rs. 5 to Rs. 30 can be shared provided you have a minimum balance of Rs. 10 post deduction. You can share talk time upto 5 times a day and 30 times in a month. You can share talktime with 10 unique friends every calendar month.

Aircel Balance Transfer:
Dial *122*666#
A menu will appear listing balance transfer amounts from Rs. 5/- to Rs. 100/-
Reply your transfer amount.
Again, reply the mobile number where you want to transfer money.
Conditions: You’ll be charged Rs. 2/- for every transactions. You can perform balance transfer to a single number once a day. You should be at Aircel active customer since at least 3 months and balance receiver should have Aircel number and he also need to be active customer for at least 30 days. No responsibility for loss of amount in case of wrong entered mobile number.

Vodafone Balance Transfer:
Vodafone has made transferring balance just a piece of cake by providing a syntax of number and transfer amount to perform mobile balance transfer. All you need is to dial the number as *131*<Amount>*<Receiver’s Mobile Number>#. Replace <Amount> by balance amount and <Receiver’s Mobile Number> by the number where you want to send amount. For example *131*30*123456789# where 30 is balance amount and  123456789 is the mobile number.
Conditions: Amount should be in range of Rs. 5/- to Rs. 30/-. You can transfer balance to same number once a day. Processing fee is Re 1/- for Rs. 5/-, Rs. 3/- for Rs. 12/- and Rs. 4 for Rs. 26 balance amounts.

Idea Balance Transfer:
 Steps(not working)
Idea is using the simliar appraoch as like Vodafone to provide balance transfer service to their loyal customers. It’s syntax (USSD code) for transferring balance goes as *567*<Receiver’s Mobile Number>*<Amount>#. For example, *567* 123456789*100# where 123456789 is <Rceeiver’s Mobile Number> and 100 is balance amount.
Conditions: Transfer amount should be in range of Rs. 5/- to Rs. 100/-. For different numbers, you can send/receive amount up to three times a day, for the same number, you can perform transaction only once. Sender should be active customer of Idea for at least 90 days while receiver is required to have idea number for at least 30 days. Charges: Rs 2/- per transaction.

TATA DoCoMo Balance Transfer: 
TATA DoCoMo provides balance transfer service by means of simple text messageing. Just type your text message as BT<SPACE>Mobile Number<SPACE>Amount and send it to 54321. For example, BT 123456789 50 where  123456789 is (as usual) mobile number and 50 is transfer amount.
Conditions: Receiver should be active customer for at least 30 days and sender, 90 days. Transfer amount ranges from Rs. 5/- to Rs. 50/-. Charges: Re. 1 per transaction (SMS charge).

Reliance Balance Transfer: 
Dial *367*3#
Enter *312*3# and mobile number
Enter balance amount
Enter PIN. Default PIN is 1.
You’re done.

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