Saturday, 16 May 2015

Gaana App New Offer - Rs 50 Free Paytm Recharge Coupon

Gaana App New Offer - Rs 50 Free
Paytm Recharge Coupon

Gaana app after a long time is back again with
another free recharge offer. Get Rs 50 recharge
coupon on using someone's referral code to sign
up at Gaana app. The Rs 50 coupon code is of
paytm and to get the coupon you need to use a
referral code of someone. Refer someone and get
2 weeks gaana subscription (Free music in
Gaana app for 14 days).


1. Install the gaana app ( link )
2. Use our referral code to get Rs 50 -
Wghkh(This referral code will work for first 6
Sign Ups..It could have already been used for six
times, now for better success use any referral
code from comments)
3. Login with facebook or Google+ in other login
4. Now you will be logged in. You will receive
paytm Rs 50 recharge code in your mail.
- If used facebook account to Sign-in the user
will get 14 days of Gaana+. For that the
Facebook account must be 90 days old and has
at least 10 friends in it.
- For every successful referral the referee (the
one who refers) receives an additional Gaana+
subscription for 2 weeks and the referred user
(the one who joins) received Rs 50 Paytm
recharge coupon upto a maximum of 5
successful referrals
- User can receive a maximum of 12 weeks of
Gaana+ subscription including 2 weeks of trial
Gaana+, i.e. get 2 weeks of Gaana+ for every
successful referral.
- Rs 50 recharge coupon can be redeemed in
Paytm app only.
- Recharge coupon can be used only once per
user/email/mobile number.
- The coupon can be used in Post-paid, Prepaid,
DTH, and Data card transactions.
- The coupon code is valid till 30th June 2015

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