Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Get Rs.20 per refer From "MyRML" app.

Get Rs.20 per refer From "MyRML" app.

This app is for farmers but all person can get benefit of refer and get recharge

1)Download App [4.8MB] ->
click here

2)Select state,city etc and Enter Mobile Number and Verify by OTP

( If your state is not in list then select other state. No problems but you get recharge .)

3)Now make Your refer link -:


Replace Mobile number at last with your mobile number

You will get Rs.20 whenever anyone download app with your link and register.

Note:Recharge will be done within 48 hours and app not have english language

*Offer Valid now

Trick to Recharge unlimited by one device:-


>after installing app registered your account by verifying your mobile number by OTP 

> then uninstall it 

>change android I'd.

> install it again by your own refferal link .
> done do above process again & again.
And earn unlimited.

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